About the Foundation

The Levy Senior Center Foundation was created to provide funds to the Levy Senior Center to enhance its programming, offset expenses and improve the facility. 


The unique partnership between the Foundation and the City of Evanston enables the Levy Senoir Center to sustain its first-rate programming and facility.


For more than 45 years, the Center has been providing outstanding programs and support for thousands of older adults in our community. The Center's services and programs help seniors in the Evanston area to remain active, independent and connected.


What We Do

Levy Lecture Series

Levy Lecture Series: This free lecture series hosts events 8-9 times per year and features engaging speakers and academics who specialize in a wide range of fields.

Levy Music Series

Jamming Jean Concert Series: A free all-ages music series featuring professional music groups across a variety of musical styles.

Fran Randall Music Series: This concert series brings the talents of young, award-winning classical musicians to the Levy Senior Center.

Event Sponsorships

Holiday Cookie Event: This year, the Levy Center staff revamped the annual holiday party and organized a festive cookie exchange. 

Volunteer Appreciation Reception: This lunch event is one of the ways that the Levy Center honors volunteers.

St. Patrick's Day Celebration: The Center celebrates all things Irish with a live Irish band, dinner

Senior Athletic Tournaments & Senior Olympics: The Foundation covers registration and entrance fees for participants. 

Program Support

Aging Well Programs: The Foundation is proud to sponsor free memberships for anyone reaching the age of 90 as well as a special birthday cake and celebration for centenarians called Heaven Can Wait.

Senior Day Trips:  Through the Dennis Newton Scholarship Fund, travel expenses are subsidized for all attendees, and scholarships are available to all in need who apply.

Supplies & Equipment: The Foundation provides the Center with supplemental funding as requested from the program director. Requests can range from art class supplies to fitness equipment and bingo prizes.

Local Partnerships

The Foundation is pleased to lend support to these organizations: Aging Well Conference, Services for Adults Staying in Their Homes (SASI), NAACP Evanston, Dawes Elementary School Adopt-a-Kid Program, Robert Crown Center renovation, Evanston History Center

Building Improvements

The Foundation ensures the maintenance of the Rothschild Gardens in the courtyard, and provides funding for building improvements and enhancements.


Fundraising Projects

2020 Projects

  • Add airwalls to Linden Room to enable space expansion and enhance flexibility

  • Install an improved sound system and enhance audio-visual capabilities

  • Update the existing fitness room and exercise spaces

  • Modernize the bathrooms

  • Provide a computer cart with iPads and laptops for use during technology classes

  • Expand the book nook


  • Expand the recycling center​

2019 Goals Achieved

  • New Carpeting: Thanks to the support of a generous donor, new carpeting was installed throughout the Center in January 2019.


  • Artwork: Several paintings of Evanston by Walter Burt Adams were donated to the Foundation. The paintings are being cleaned and readied for display at the Levy Senior Center.


  • Library Renovation: The Foundation has funded a renovation to the Center’s library, which included new shelving and storage, and more flexible furniture.


  • Gardens: New foliage was planted around the Center’s electronic sign on Dodge Avenue. In addition, garden spaces were updated at the Center entrance with the support of the Lincolnwood Garden Club.


  • Folding Chairs


  • New Tablecloths

  • New Audio Equipment for Events