About the Foundation


The Levy Senior Center Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization, operates to improve the quality of life for Evanston seniors by soliciting monies to supplement the Levy Center’s operating budget and, in partnership with the City of Evanston, to improve the center, its programs and resources.


The Foundation’s funds consist of donations from benefactors, businesses and community members. Enriching the lives of seniors is the primary focus of the Foundation.

The donations collected by the Foundation are distributed among programs, equipment, and services provided by the Levy Senior Center. These donations are vital for the upkeep and advancement of the Levy Senior Center.

Levy Senior Center Foundation 2016 Annual Report

The Levy Senior Center Foundation is proud to share the 2016 annual report. The report is a summary of our greatest accomplishments this past year at the Levy Senior Center in Evanston, Illinois. With the generous support of our donors, the LSCF provided new equipment, programs, supplies and more. Read the LSCF 2016 Annual Report for more details!

Previous Annual Reports

Levy Senior Center Foundation Board Members

The board members of the Levy Senior Center Foundation meet monthly to plan fundraisers, oversee programs, and foster communication between the community and the Levy Center.


Back Row: Gunnar Forrest, Jill Korshak, Scott Walton, Bob Lockwood, Stuart Greenblatt, Wendi Kromash.

Front Row: Geri Sizemore, Bill Logan, Joe Levy, Jr., Judy Newton.

Board members not present for the photo: Dr. Helen Mattison, Dorrance Halverson.

City of Evanston Support Staff

The Levy Senior Center Foundation appreciates all the support and assistance it receives from the City of Evanston and, in particular, a few key staff people.


Our ‘team’ includes Leslie Wilson, Program Coordinator; Karen Hawk, Assistant Director of Community Services; Theresa Tevsh, Recreation Manager of the Levy Center.

Meet the Board Members

Judy Newton – President

Judy Newton is the president of the Levy Senior Center Foundation. A lifelong Chicagoan, she taught school before becoming a realtor.

Judy has been involved with the Levy Senior Center from the very beginning! Her favorite memory from those days is of attending the bingo games that took place there during the 1970s!

Now she loves to spend her time between homes in Tucson and Evanston, leading the Foundation Board, and fussing over her grandkids.


Stuart Greenblatt – Vice Chair

Stuart Greenblatt is a mostly retired public relations executive who spent decades advising corporations like Keebler Company.

He loves being involved with the Levy Senior Center Foundation, especially helping with successful fundraising campaigns like last year’s “Get On the Bus.”

Stuart is most proud of his long and happy marriage, his wonderful children, and his five grandkids.


Robert Lockwood – Treasurer

Bob Lockwood was born in Evanston and grew up in the Chicago suburb of Arlington Heights. He spent his professional career in banking and finance. Fittingly—and to our benefit—Bob is also the Treasurer for the Levy Senior Center Foundation. He has been involved with the Levy Senior Center for nearly 30 years and delighted to have watched it grow during that time.

Bob is most proud of his family life: happily married to his bride of 53 years and the father of three successful grown children.


Dorrance Halverson – Secretary


Gunnar Forrest

Gunnar Forrest was born in Sweden and grew up in Winnetka, having moved here with his parents at the age of seven. He has proudly been involved with the Levy Senior Center for 20 years, starting with the Advisory Board and the Life Enrichment Building Fund in the late 1990s.

He is a longstanding member of the Choraleers, as well as the Monday and Wednesday club. He enjoys his work on the Foundation, spending time exercising, and socializing with his many friends. He loves the great facilities at the Levy Center and considers it one of the jewels of Evanston!

Joan Hickman
Joan Hickman is a life-long Evanstonian and a former Foundation Board Chair. Professionally she is a retired medical social worker and crisis intervention counselor.

Always a doer, Joan has been involved with the Levy Senior Center in one way or another for over 20 years!

One of her proudest accomplishments is the work she did helping to change the process with the Evanston City Council meetings.


Jill Korshak

Jill Korshak has lived in Evanston since she was five. After retiring as an educator, she returned to Evanston Township High School as the summer school principal. At ETHS she developed a successful program working with high-risk students. Jill enjoys taking classes at a peaceful and beautiful space like the Levy Center. Her best Center experience is fundraising for the Get On the Bus campaign. Jill looks forward to showing residents how vital the Levy Center is to Evanston!


Wendi Kromash

Wendi Kromash moved to Evanston a few years ago after living for many years in New York, NY pursuing a successful career in marketing and advertising. She has always been involved with organizations that benefit seniors and hopes to share her marketing experience with the Foundation. She continues to work in the corporate world, writes occasional articles for the Evanston Roundtable and authors a blog about life here in Evanston, entitled, Everything Evanston.


Joseph Levy, Jr.

Joe Levy is one of Evanston’s most successful entrepreneurs and businesspeople.

He has been a community leader and philanthropist, always happy to donate to worthy and worthwhile causes in and around Chicagoland.

The Levy Senior Center and Levy Senior Center Foundation proudly include his family name.

Bill Logan

Bill Logan is a lifelong Evanston resident and the former Chief of Police here. Community involvement and volunteering is in his DNA.

Bill is and has been involved with a long list of local organizations in addition to the Levy Senior Center Foundation, including Rotary, the Board of Evanston Parks & Recreation, Evanston Community Foundation, FAAM Youth Basketball Program, and the Chessman Civic Club. Bill is especially proud of founding FAAM and the Chessman Civic Club. He loves the Levy Center, especially participating in the activities and enjoying all the great people he meets here.


Geraldine Sizemore

Geri Sizemore has had a connection to the Levy Center since the 1970s when her children attended events at the original building. Geri is acommunity volunteer and board member for organizations that support children and seniors like the Evanston Youth Job Center, the Foster Senior Citizens Club, the Warren Cherry Scholarship Board, and North Shore Village. She also volunteers in the soup kitchen at her church. Since retiring from the U.S. Postal Service after 37 years, Geri enjoys traveling and spending time with her three children and four grandchildren. She loves living in Evanston and spending time at the Levy Center.


Scott Walton

Scott Walton grew up near Detroit and has been an integral member of the Evanston community for over four decades. He is the former president of Evanston Community Media and a former board member of First Night Evanston.

Scott is an enthusiastic attendee of the Fran Randall Concerts and the Silver Sneakers program. He is grateful for the opportunity to continue servicing the local community and looks forward to contributing his expertise in marketing and fundraising to the Foundation Board!