Celebrate Your Centennial

At the Levy Senior Center, we take celebrations seriously. If you are twice over the hill and turning 100, join us for a party in your honor!

Levy members are invited to celebrate their 100th birthday at the Levy Senior Center.
One of our long-time friends, Eduardo, celebrated in August as he turned 100. Eduardo is an original member of our senior choir, the Choraleers, and a familiar face around the Levy Center.

Eduardo celebrates his 100th surrounded by friends at the Levy Center.

Whether you’re already a member or are in search of a super senior center, join us!

Seniors 55 and older are encouraged to sign up for a Levy Senior Center membership. Stop by the Levy Senior Center for membership details and learn all about the perks of joining.

Levy memberships cost $30 annually for community members 55+. Turning 90 years young? Then it’s your lucky (birth)day!

If you’re 90 or older, you qualify for free membership at the Center. Contact the Levy Center for more details.

Eduardo is a long-time Levy member. We’re looking forward to celebrating many more birthdays with you at the Center!