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The LSCF is proud to sponsor the Levy Lecture Series, an educational program for residents 55+ years who are passionate about learning. The series is free, but registration is required.

Lectures through July will be presented on Zoom. Register and you will be receive an email with easy-to-follow steps. Need more help? Watch this video. If you are still having trouble accessing the lectures, call the Foundation at (847) 238-2659.

Do you have questions about the Levy Lecture Series? We have answers.

Enjoy virtual lectures this summer biweekly through July.

Tuesday, September 14 at 1pm

If You Can't Stand the Heat... Women in Comedy

David Chack: teacher, artistic director

Presented via Zoom. 

Come for laughs and a cultural overview of successful female comedians
including Phyllis Diller, Joan Rivers, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Tina Fey, Jenny Slate, Ali Wong, Tiffany Haddish and others. We'll explore how comedy--and women's roles within it--has changed over the past 70 years.

Tuesday, September 28 at 1pm

The Power of the Chinese Zodiac 

Yvonne Wolf: cultural educator

Presented via Zoom. 

The Chinese use the zodiac animals to inspire positive qualities in ourselves by learning from the natural world. The twelve zodiac signs were used to measure time, compatibility for marriage, compatibility with a chosen occupation, and many more areas in one’s life. Your Chinese zodiac animal may have hidden strength you previously were not aware of. Come and find out why life begins at age 60 in the Chinese world. 

Recent Lectures

Harry S Truman: Common Man, Uncommon Leader

Robert Watson | Professor of American History


Mandela in Chicago

Ava Thompson Greenwell | Teacher, Director "Mandela in Chicago"


The Nazi's Granddaughter

Silvia Foti | Author, Journalist, Teacher

Ed Asner: A Composite Portrait - a book in progress

Mark Larson | Author, Teacher

A Celebration of Juneteenth!

Donna Washington | Storyteller, Spoken Word Recording Artist, Author

An Armchair Tour of the Universe

Michelle Nichols | Director of Public Observing, Astro Educator


History of Block Clubs: How Neighbors Shape the City

Amanda Seligman | Professor of History, UWM, Author

Leonard Bernstein - A Voice for All Time

David Chack | Teacher, Artistic Director


The Loop: The "L" Tracks that Shaped and Saved Chicago

Patrick T. Reardon | Author, Journalist

The Sanford Underground Research Facility: Exploring the Unseen

Deb Wolf | Education, PR, and IDEA director, Sanford Lab


The Watergate Girl

Jill Wine-Banks | Author, Attorney, Legal Analyst


Sheila Arnold as Daisy Bates, Civil Rights Activist and Arkansas NAACP President

Sheila Arnold | Teaching Artist


We Crossed a Bridge and it Trembled:

Voices from Syria

Wendy Pearlman | Author, Professor


The Cutting Room Floor: Adventures in

Filming my Rock and Roll Heroes

John Anderson | Filmmaker, Producer, Musician


The Emergence and Evolvement of

Blues Music in American Culture

Fruteland Jackson | Author, Musician


Find the Helpers

Fred Guttenberg | Author


Tales of Forgotten Chicago

Rich Lindberg | Author, Journalist


Golem Girl

Riva Lehrer | Author