The Levy Senior Center Foundation is proud to sponsor the Levy Lecture Series, an educational program for residents 55+ years who are passionate about learning.

Reservations are required. You can register below, call (847) 448-8250 or stop by the front desk. All lectures are free and are held in the Linden Room.

May 13 Lecture Webinar:

Leslie Goddard Portrays

Georgia O'Keeffe

Goddard, as O’Keeffe, reflects on her life, and discusses her intense closeness to nature and the landscape in New Mexico. What emerges is a complex person. Read more and register.

June 9 Lecture Webinar:

Megan Wells Tells the Story of

Bradbury's Dandelion Wine

Dandelion Wine is a 1957 novel by Ray Bradbury set in the summer of 1928 in the fictional Green Town, Illinois, based upon his childhood home of Waukegan, Illinois. Wells is one of three who has rights to tell his work. Register

June 16 Lecture Webinar:

Love and Frankenstein with Mary Shelley

Frankenstein, the world’s first science fiction novel, was written by a nineteen year-old girl named Mary Shelley.  How she came to write such a novel reveals the painful struggle of a brilliant and rebellious mind. Register

Wednesday, May 20 at 1pm

Jackie Kennedy

Leslie Goddard, historian, actress and author

Presented via Zoom. Register to receive an email with easy-to-follow steps. Need more help? Watch this video.   

In this living-history performance, Leslie Goddard portrays Jackie Kennedy as she remembers life in the White House, the role of First Lady, and the challenges of facing life after her husband's death.

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Center is Closed

Until the center reopens, we're working hard to keep our community engaged. See items below, and visit the city's parks & rec Facebook page for activities, info and support.

Exciting Plans Are in the Works for a Renovated and Upgraded Linden Room

Congregate Meal Program Continues for those 59+ with


Shelf stable 10-meal packs will be available at the Center Aug 3 & Aug 17, 11:30 - 1pm. Senior congregate meal participants from Levy and Fleetwood-Jourdain may participate. To join, complete the online application.

Help us support our goal of a full revamp of the Linden Room with the installation of enhanced audio, slip resistance flooring, state of the video features and more. Donate today!

Oct 21, 2-3 pm. All 50+ are welcome to this seminar sponsored & led by Neil Gardner of Edward Jones Financial in Skokie. This Zoom program is free, but you must register for each seminar. Please call  Center at (847) 448-8250.

October Finance Series: Prepare for the Unexpected

Learn About the LSCF's Projects and Goals for 2019

Sept 10 "Biz" Lindsay-Ryan will discuss new language for people who identify as gender non-conforming and other identities. Learn more

Tuesday, May 12 at 1pm

Insights into Memory Formation

Daniel Dombeck, Associate Professor, Dept. of Neurobiology
at Northwestern

Have you ever wondered how your dog knows when it’s meal time? In this lecture, Dan Dombeck will introduce non-scientists to the hidden world of memories: how they are formed, stored, and recalled. Under his leadership, the Dombeck Lab at Northwestern is using virtual reality systems and high-resolution, laser-based imaging techniques with mice as they learn to solve virtual mazes. Prof. Dombeck will share a high-level view of how brain circuits learn to encode information during behavior, and how this could eventually benefit humans with early detection of Alzheimer’s disease. Prof. Dombeck received his BS in Physics at the University of Illinois, earned his PhD in Physics at Cornell University in the lab of Watt Webb, and trained as a postdoc in the lab of David Tank at Princeton University. 

Pianist and Soprano to Perform May 15th at the Next Fran Randall Concert

Chicago-based classical pianist An Phan and rising soprano Alicia Russell (above) who debuted with the Asheville Symphony in 2013 will perform at the next Fran Randall concert in May.  

Read more.

Tuesday, June 9 at 1pm

Chicago by Air

Lawrence Okrent, author and architect

A Chicago-based planning and zoning consultant, Lawrence Okrent has been an active participant in the local real estate and development community since 1970. Okrent Kisiel Associates, the firm he established in 1979 and where he is President Emeritus, specializes in land planning and zoning, aerial photography, mapping, and entitlement work. Mr. Okrent is the author of Chicago From the Sky: A Region Transformed. He is a 47-year resident of Evanston, where he has served on the city’s Plan Commission and board of the Evanston Art Center. His presentation will focus on the development of Grant Park and Chicago’s lakefront.

Tuesday, July 14 at 1pm

LIFE As It Was

Michael Mauney, Photographer

Michael Mauney got his start in photography at The Charlotte Observer in North Carolina. After moving to Chicago, he worked for LIFE magazine as staff photographer. His work has also been featured in People and Fortune magazines, and for corporate clients such as Walgreens, McDonalds, Baxter, First Chicago Bank, and Borg-Warner. His presentation will focus on his experiences while on assignment for LIFE and People magazines, including photos from the 1968 political campaigns of Bobby Kennedy, Richard Nixon, and George Wallace, as well as some celebrities.
300 Dodge Ave Evanston IL 
(847) 448-8250
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