The Hoopla Goes to Nationals

The Hoopla Women’s basketball team represented the Levy Senior Center in the 30th annual National Senior Games.


The Hoopla proudly wore their team shirts provided by the Levy Senior Center Foundation. The competition proved tough due to a couple of benched teammates, but player Catherine Mardikes says they were “definitely the most cheerful losers down there.”


The Hoopla women’s basketball team participated in the 2017 National Senior Games in Birmingham, Alabama.
Although they didn’t bring home the gold, our golden girls represented the Levy Senior Center in style. The team sported long-sleeved matching shirts, thanks to the support of the Levy Senior Center Foundation.
“Actually, the Convention Center, where we played, was overly air-conditioned so everyone knew us by sight,” team member Catherine Mardikes wrote in a thank you email. “One team took to calling us the Ginkgo Gals. Some of us thought it was a better name than The Hoopla.”
The ginko leaf, which is part of the official LSCF logo, is considered a symbol of unity and longevity. The Hoopla attended the 30th anniversary of the National Senior Games in June.
The Games, hosted this year in Birmingham, involved two weeks of competition, 10,000 athletes, and more than 3,000 volunteers. The Levy Senior Center Foundation subsidized the costs of attendance and supported The Hoopla throughout its season.
The Levy Senior Center plays host to many local basketball team practices and tournaments. It’s full-size basketball court is a favorite among players of all ages.
The Levy Senior Center emphasizes health and wellness with open courts, scheduled practices, and a fitness center for training.
The Levy Senior Center Foundation is pleased to provide funding for crucial programs at the Levy Senior Center. The strength of the Foundation’s impact, however, relies entirely on the support of community members.
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